Australian Speedway Drivers and Riders
Association Incorporated

ASDRA LogoDramatically increased insurance costs and the takeover of the governance of speedway by a business out to make a profit for shareholders saw many budget racers being forced out of their sport. Any thinking person could see that a monopoly would only lead to inflated prices and the only way to prevent that from happening was to not allow the sport to be dictated to by a monopoly. It was in this climate that the Australian Speedway Drivers and Riders Association was formed and they became incorporated on the fourteenth of January, 2005.

With the objective of keeping costs down, they have become a voice for the people in fighting against unfair trade practices and exclusive dealing wherever it has affected the sport of speedway.

ASDRA Inc. are a non-profit organisation dedicated to making the sport of speedway racing accessible and affordable to all.

ASDRA Inc. are affiliated with SFI, an international body specialising in the testing of equipment used by motor racing.  The website for SFI is  where you will find ASDRA Inc. listed as an affiliated sanctioning body.

The SFI Foundation, Inc. (SFI) is a non-profit organisation established to issue and administer standards for specialty/performance automotive and racing equipment.

Under affiliation with SFI the requirements for a certain standard of safety equipment can be laid down as part of the rules of a race sanctioning body.

Proudly affiliated with Australian Auto-Sport Alliance

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