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Australian Speedway Drivers and Riders Association Incorporated are pleased to announce that there will be a new level of speedcars available to the more budget minded competitor.
Engines will be readily sourced as stock block engines with the specifications outlined below.
These speedcars can compete with West Coast Speedcars without the restrictor fitted until such time as numbers build up to run a field on their own.
Expressions of interest are currently being sought and you can contact us at

Engine Rules

  1. Front engines only.
  2. In-line 4 cylinder, automotive based engine.
  3. Maximum 2050cc engine capacity.
  4. Maximum of four valves per cylinder.
  5. There is to be NO titanium in or on an F2 Speedcar OR an F2 Speedcar engine.
  6. No two stroke, rotary, supercharged or turbo charged engines.
  7. All variable valve timing (vvt) or V-Tec must be locked in one position.
  8. Maximum of 45 degree engine lay-over, measured through the centre-line of the cylinder bores.
  9. Engine off-set maximum of 25mm, measured centre-line of chassis to crank sensor.
  10. Mechanical fuel injection only.
  11. Restrictors:
    • One restrictor per cylinder
    • Restrictor must be 32mm internal diameter, and must be at least 40mm long.
    • The unit supplied by BSL Racing will be the benchmark unit, as the radius is set by them.
    • The restrictor positioned in the air intake assembly must not be more than 75mm from the throttle butterfly to the centre-line of the restrictor, or
    • The restrictor unit which is 32mm internal diameter and 40mm long must be inserted as part of the inlet manifold assembly.
    General Rules:
  12. No carbon fibre to be used on any part of the car with the exception of commercially available Air filters.
  13. No titanium to be used on any part of the car.
  14. Only standard and non-gas external adjustable shock absorbers are allowed. Internal or cockpit adjusters are not allowed.

Special thanks to F2 Midgets club in New Zealand for their help.

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