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West Coast Speedcars Open Winter Series 2014

 Northam 23rd August, 2014

Car owner Keith McAllan and driver Kaiden Manders. A well deserved Top Dog win.

Speedcar drivers from the two clubs, West Australian Speedcar Drivers Association and West Coast Speedcars, combined for the Open Winter Series to afford followers the opportunity to see them all in action at selected country tracks.

Fish Telenta
Keven Miles
Kaiden Manders
Kaiden, Keith and the winning team

Their next combined event will be at Northam on Saturday 23rd August, 2014.

Cars and drivers should be in the pits by 10:00 am .

Racing starts at 12:00 noon.

Pithara 16th August, 2014

Getting ready for engine starts.

Another great day of racing and some clean and precise driving by the two young guns, Kaiden Manders and Nicholas Rowe made this a most memorable event. If you ever get the chance to see these two in action, you will not be disappointed.

Car owner Keith McAllan and driver Kaiden Manders

Results for West Coast Speedcars racing at Pithara on Saturday 16th August, 2014.
Heat 1: 1. Kaiden Manders; 2. Chris Telenta; 3. Nicholas Rowe.
Heat 2: 1. Kaiden Manders; 2. Nicholas Rowe; 3. Jason Tremeer.
Feature: 1. Kaiden Manders; 2. Nicholas Rowe; 3. Phillip Tremeer.

Overall Points for the meeting –
1st Place – Kaiden Manders
2nd Place – Nicholas Rowe
3rd Place – Chris Telenta

Owner Keith McAllan, driver Kaiden Manders, pit crew and proud father Vaughn Manders

Congratulations to the team who managed to get it all right on the day. Well done guys.

Kaiden Manders wins top points for the day

The prize pool was collectively donated by Milton Sparnon, Dot Greaves and Paul Doyle. We appreciate your support Milton, Dot and Paul and thank you wholeheartedly.

Nicholas Rowe 2nd

Second on the points scoreboard for the day was Nicholas Rowe. We saw some talented driving by this young grandson of John Fenton.

Proud grandfather John was there to lend his support despite having recently come through knee replacement surgery. (There seems to be a lot of that going around).

Third in points score was the ever smiling Chris Telenta.

Around the pits.

Junior Beau Doyle put in a few laps
The Verbiest car #77
Car #9 Damian North
Car #73 Alan Meakins

Pithara 19th July, 2014

Kaiden Manders did a top job all day and came out Top Dog after winning the Feature Race. Smiles all round for the McAllan team.

Kaiden Manders

Kaiden also took the Top Points overall for the day. Well done Kaiden.

Phillip Tremeer

Second place for overall points for the day went to Phillip Tremeer.

Chris Telenta

Third place for overall points for the day went to Chris Telenta.

This was the first day in a long time that WASDA cars had run together with West Coast Speedcars.

We all had such a good time that we thought we might do it again soon. Watch out for the combined teams running throughout the winter season at select country tracks.

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