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West Coast Speedcars Race Results

2016 – 2017

Avon Valley Speedway 29th April, 2017

Dennis Sparnon 2nd, Steve Doyle 1st, Trevor Reakes 3rd

Full Results

Heat 1: 1. Steve Doyle; 2. Alan Meakins; 3. Trevor Reakes.
Heat 2: 1. Steve Doyle; 2. Dennis Sparnon; 3. Alan Meakins.
Feature: 1. Steve Doyle; 2. Dennis Sparnon; 3. Trevor Reakes.

Top Dog Steve Doyle #51

Our trophy sponsors for this event were Milton Sparnon, Trevor Reakes and WA Greyhounds. Thank you all, your contributions are very much appreciated.

Thanks also to the management team at Avon Valley Speedway for a great season and we look forward to doing it all again.

25th March, 2017 at Avon Valley Speedway

Taking home the trophies which were donated by Rob Archibald, and the prizes donated by Greyhounds WA are L-R Jason Falconer (2nd), Steve Doyle (1st), and Jason Carbone (3rd).

Full Results:

Heat 1: 1. Steven Doyle; 2. Dennis Sparnon; 3. Jason Falconer.
Heat 2: 1. Steven Doyle; 2. Dennis Sparnon; 3. Jason Falconer.
Feature: 1. Steven Doyle; 2. Jason Falconer; 3. Jason Carbone.

Top Dog (Winner of the Feature race) was Steven Doyle pictured here with his father and car owner Paul Doyle. Steve’s son Beau (far left) is proving to be a valuable pit crew member of the team.

Congratulations everyone and thank you to our sponsors Rob Archibald and Greyhounds WA.

Avon Valley Speedway 18th February, 2017.

Top Dog Travis White #38

Heat 1: 1…#72 Chris Telenta; 2…#51 Steve Doyle; 3…#38 Travis White.
Heat 2: 1…#72 Chris Telenta; 2…#43 Dennis Sparnon; 3…#35 Bob Goddard.
Heat 3: 1…#38 Travis White; 2…#51 Steve Doyle; 3rd…#67 Kevin Miles.
Feature…1… #38 Travis White; 2… #72 Chris Telenta; 3… #51 Steve Doyle.

Thanks to Milton Sparnon for your efforts in getting our drivers ready on time for their races and for doing the lap scoring and record keeping. Great job.

Travis White 1st
Chris Telenta – 2nd Place in the Feature Race
Chantelle Gray – 1st Stock Block

Feature Race

1st Travis White
2nd Chris Telenta
3rd Steve Doyle
First Stock Block over the finish line – Chantelle Gray.

The Feature Race was started with the lowest points scorers off the front like they used to do at Claremont, except the rookies were started rear of the field for safety reasons.

This made for some spectacular racing as the faster cars had to work their way towards the front over twenty laps, skilfully negotiating their way past the field. All drivers are to be commended on their very professional approach and a special mention must be made for Chantelle Gray who completed her 20 laps to be the first Stock Block over the finish line. Well done everybody.

The track surface was superb and held up beautifully right to the end of night. Many thanks to Rod Howe for all the work he has put in to get the track ready for the night in spite of the huge rainfalls that Northam has been having in past weeks. Well done to all the volunteers at Avon Valley Speedway.

Thank you to Greyhounds WA for supplying Meal Vouchers for the placegetters and to Rob Archibald for supplying trophies. We appreciate your support.

Geraldton City Speedway 28th January 2017

Top Dog – Alan Meakins 28-01-2017

It seemed more like a trial of endurance than a race day at Geraldton City Speedway on Saturday 28th January, 2017 but the final Top Dog honours went to none other than Alan Meakins in his newly refreshed #73 Stealth/V4 Scatt.

Some of the nominated cars and drivers did not make it to the track due to the rather cyclonic conditions on the day. Extremely hot around mid-day and pouring with rain about 3:00pm with a blast of cyclonic weather coming through. Everything settled down later in the evening however, and those that endured had some good lap time and enjoyed the night.

Alan and Dennis Sparnon were battling it out all night with Dennis winning two of the three heats and Alan the other until the feature race which saw Dennis succumb to a diff problem on the final lap.

The two rookies, Jason Carbone and Chantelle Gray, made great progress in developing their track skills and are to be congratulated for persevering in the face of adversity and trying weather conditions.

Thanks to the team of volunteers and committee members at Geraldton City Speedway who had the courage to ride out the storm and bring the track back to a workable condition.
We heard later that the cyclone that passed through had done some damage to nearby houses. Can anyone verify this?

We look forward to our next run at Geraldton over two nights on the Easter weekend.

Avon Valley Speedway 3rd December 2016

Top Dog Keven Miles at Avon Valley Speedway 3/12/2016


Heat 1: 1. Keven Miles; 2. Jason Falconer; 3. Alan Meakins.

Heat 2: 1. Keven Miles; 2. Dennis Sparnon; 3. Jason Falconer.

Feature: 1. Keven Miles; 2. Dennis Sparnon; 3. Jason Falconer.

Alan Meakins experienced some mechanical problems with car #73 but Roger and Jason Carbone were there to offer assistance.

Avon Valley Speedway 12th November 2016

Top Dog – Avon Valley Speedway  12-11-16- Steve Doyle #51

Results for West Coast Speedcars racing at Avon Valley Speedway on Saturday 12th November, 2016 are as follows:-

Heat 1: 1. David Perry; 2. Keven Miles; 3. Steve Doyle.

Heat 2: 1. Steve Doyle; 2. Keven Miles; 3. Dennis Sparnon.

Feature: 1. Steve Doyle; 2. Keven Miles; 3. Mark Verbiest.

Avon Valley Speedway 22nd October 2016

Top Dog Steven Doyle

Top Dog – Avon Valley Speedway 22-10-16 –  Steve Doyle #51

Here are the results for West Coast Speedcars racing at Avon Valley Speedway on Saturday 22nd October, 2016.

Heat 1. 1. Steve Doyle; 2. Mark Verbiest; 3. Keven Miles.
Heat 2. 1. Steve Doyle; 2, Dennis Sparnon; 3. Trevor Reakes.
Feature: 1. Steve Doyle; 2. Keven Miles; 3. Dennis Sparnon

Top Dog (Winner of the Feature Race) went to Steve Doyle who stopped briefly to chase his tail in the middle of the race and then went on to hunt down the pack and take the win from Keven Miles and Dennis Sparnon.

Next race event for us will be at Avon Valley Speedway on 12th November for their official Opening Night.

Avon Valley Speedway 17th September 2016

Top Dog Dave Perry

Dave Perry was having a good day.

Dave Perry pictured here being congratulated by Alan Meakins for being Top Dog on the day after winning the Feature Race at Avon Valley Speedway.

Full Results:
Following are the results for West Coast Speedcars racing at Avon Valley Speedway on Saturday 17th September, 2016.

Heat 1: 1. D. Perry; 2. M. Verbiest; 3. S. Doyle.
Heat 2: 1. D. Perry; 2. S. Doyle; 3. D. Sparnon.
Feature Race: 1. D. Perry; 2. J. Falconer; 3. D. Sparnon.

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