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West Coast Speedcars Race Results

2017 – 2018

Pithara Speedway 12th May 2018

Top Dog Alan Meakins and wife Christine
Alan with Pit Crew Rod Watkins (L) and Trevor Bonnett (R)
Alan Meakins 1st

Perfect weather for a race day at Pithara on Saturday 12th May. Alan Meakins made the most of the day and came out Top Dog. He is pictured with his Crew Chief wife Christine and then with pit crew Rod Watkins and Trevor Bonnett who kept it all together and running smoothly for the day. Many thanks to them all.

Simon North 3rd
Richard Cheeseman 2nd

Richard Cheeseman was a surprise second and Simon North third after Ken Reid made a costly mistake in the Feature race.

#73 Alan Meakins
#2 Ken Reid

Gary Mann made an awesome impression in his Honda powered number 97 in the first heat but unfortunately things did not pan out after that. More fine tuning needed I guess.

#97 Gary Mann

Thanks to the management team of Pithara Speedway for a very well run meeting. We appreciate all the volunteers who help to make it happen and a special mention goes for Analise and Phil at the pit gate and the two pusher car drivers who calmly and efficiently get us on the track. Thanks guys and gals.Thank you to Premier Billiards and WA Greyhounds for the provision of prizes for West Coast Speedcars.

Full Results:

Heat 1: 1. Alan Meakins; 2 Ken Reid.

Heat 2: 1. Alan Meakins; 2 Gary Mann; 3. Ken Reid.

Heat 3: 1. Alan Meakins; 2 Ken Reid; 3. Trevor Reakes.

Feature: 1. Alan Meakins; 2. Richard Cheeseman; 3. Simon North.

Pithara Speedway 21st April 2018

Alan Meakins 1st; Trevor Reakes 2nd

Two long time mates shared the podium at the Wayne Arnstrong Memorial Muster at Pithara Speedway on Saturday 21st April 2018. Missing from the first photo is Ken Reid who drove the number 2 car. Unfortunately Ken had to pull out of the Feature Race with engine problems but still managed a third placing on points.

Alan Meakins 1st
Trevor Reakes 2nd. Graeme Winter, commentator stands on the left.
Alan Meakins – Top Dog

Alan Meakins took the Top Dog award for the night with Trevor Reakes coming in second and Ken Reid third. Congratulations to all place getters.

#2 Ken Reid
Around the pits.
#73 Alan Meakins
#73 Alan Meakins
Armstrong Family

The Armstrong family were there in force to support the event and were once more very generous with their trophies and prizes. A big thank you to the Armstrong family from all of the speedway folk who enjoy this memorable event.
Thank you to the Pithara management team and all their helpers and volunteers. You guys do a fantastic job and we appreciate you all very much.

Full Results:
Heat 1: 1. Alan Meakins; 2. Ken Reid; 3. Simon North; 4. Trevor Reakes; Richard Cheeseman dnf.
Heat 2: 1. Alan Meakins; 2. Trevor Reakes; Ken Reid dnf; Simon North dnf;
Feature: 1. Alan Meakins; 2. Trevor Reakes; Ken Reid dnf.

Avon Valley Speedway 8th April 2018

Chris Telenta

Results for racing at Avon Valley Speedway on Sunday 8th April 2018.-
Heat 1: 1. Chris Telenta; 2. Richard Cheeseman; 3. Trevor Reakes.
Heat 2: Chris Telenta; 2. Aaron North; 3; Les North.
Feature: Chris Telenta; Aaron North; 3. Richard Cheeseman.

Pithara Speedway 10th March 2018

L-R Alan Meakins 1st; Chantelle Gray 2nd; Trevor Reakes 3rd.

It was all smiles for the winners at Pithara on Saturday night 10th March. The results for the Feature Race were -1st Alan Meakins, 2nd Chantelle Gray, 3rd Trevor Reakes.

Alan Meakins – Top Dog
Alan Meakins 1st
Chantelle Gray 2nd.
Trevor Reakes 3rd.

The wind blew strongly all night but that didn’t seem to slow them down much. Chantelle made a surprise move on Trevor in the Feature Race and stole away second place in the last lap. Way to go Chantelle. Ken Reid and newcomer, Simon North were having a few mechanical problems but are looking to make a better show of it next time.
Alan Meakins (Top Dog) wishes to thank his sponsors Cully’s Race Equip, Moyle Race Parts and Premier Billiards. Many thanks also to the management team and volunteers at Pithara Speedway. You have all done a fantastic job.

Morawa Speedway 3rd to 4th March 2018

After a difficult start to the meeting it turned out to be a very successful weekend for Alan Meakins. Thunder and lightning threatened overhead and a few of us were drenched to the skin. (It always pays to carry a complete change of clothes.) After that it was a perfect final night for racing.

Congratulations Alan for your “Top Dog” achievement.

Top Dog Alan Meakins pictured with pit crew Rod Watkins (L) and Trevor Bonnett (R).

Final Results –
1st Alan Meakins
2nd Ken Reid
3rd Trevor Reakes

Alan Meakins 1st

Huge thank you to Morawa Speedway and the management team headed by Shirley Katona. The track was awesome and the running of the show was second to none. A job well done. We look forward to seeing you all again at Pithara on 10th March.

Pithara 21st October 2017

Top Dog – Feature Race Winner, Gary Mann (R) with car owner Paul Doyle.

Heat 1
1st Mark Verbiest
2nd Dennis Sparnon
3rd Gary Mann

Heat 2
1st Dennis Sparnon
2nd Damien north
3rd Richard cheeseman

1st Gary Mann
2nd Dennis Sparnon
3rd Chantelle Grey

#75 Driver Gary Mann, car owner Paul Doyle
#51 driven by Mark Verbiest
#43 Dennis Sparnon

Thank you Travis for the use of the photos.

It was a great event at the 2017 Bonza Bradford Memorial at Pithara Speedway. Thank you to the Pithara Speedway president and committee for putting on an awesome event. There was great close racing all night by all drivers.

Mark Verbiest had a good night winning heat 1 nearly winning heat 2 and looking good for the feature, pushing hard in the feature for the win but with gremlins in the car pulls off with only a few laps to go.

Dennis Sparnon won the second heat after Mark lead all the way until the engine burnt out on the last turn. And with top points starts on pole for the feature.

Damien north had a consistent night with second highest points and starts position 2 in feature.

With the feature on the line Gary Mann, driving Paul Doyleā€™s number 75 Fontana starting from position 4 passed Mark going into turn 1 and then pass Dennis in turns 3&4 to take the lead on lap 1. Dennis fought back for few laps with Mark running the high line.

Mark passes Dennis on the outside then goes on to hunt Gary down. Marks engine burns out again with 3 laps to go and Gary goes on to win the feature with Dennis 2nd.

Pithara Speedway 26th August, 2017

What a great weekend of racing at Pithara. We lost a few drivers and cars before the start of the meeting, but the drivers that turned up really put on a show.

First race was won by Damian North who somehow managed to get his car over the line with no engine noise. Followed by Richard Cheeseman in second and Gary Mann in third.

Mark Verbiest managed to get the Paul Doyle’s Fontana going and took the win in the second race. With Gary Mann second and Richard Cheeseman third.

Third race was won by Gary Mann racing the Rob Archibald Mitsubishi powered #14 Speedcar. With Mark Verbiest second and Chantelle Grey third.

Feature race was set for an exciting event and made it more interesting as the sun was setting. The feature was won by Gary Mann, not bad considering he got the call to come drive Rob Archibald’s car 7pm Friday night.

Feature race Final placing
1st Gary Mann
2nd Mark Verbiest
3rd Chantelle Grey

A thank you to David Hughes for the photos and Pithara Speedway for a great event.

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