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Speedway Track at Corrigin

Old Clubhouse and Ablution Block
Railway Sleeper Barrier
Walden Park Speedway Track Corrigin 2011
Memorial Plaque for George Walden
Memorial Plaque for George Walden

Photos by Christine Meakins

The photos above show the state of the buildings at Walden Park Speedway when ASDRA Incorporated first showed an interest in restoring the site back in January, 2010.

We feel that that this venue could be brought back to life as a fully functional speedway track and provide action and entertainment for many people; not only for those involved in the sport but for all who love to watch speedway.

Plans are currently being developed and should be presented to the Shire of Corrigin for their approval in the near future.

If you agree with this concept please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page to let us know. Perhaps you would like to become involved in some way or donate time, money or materials to the cause.  Are you with us?

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Bernie Reidy and Brian Moyle have more photos of the track and buildings on Speedway and Road Race History

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Display and Presentation Day at Corrigin | 29/03/2012 at 9:09 pm

[…] you would like to see the traditional speedway divisions racing again at Walden Park in the future, come to the Cyril Box Pavilion, Corrigin Sport and Recreation Centre, Larke […]


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