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Corrigin Work – 12th & 13th January, 2013

The cancellation of a run at Northam made it possible for us to form a work party to go to Corrigin for the weekend.

A number of us stayed overnight in the caravan park and were on the job again early next morning.

Alan Meakins

A large tree branch fell during a recent storm, narrowly missing power lines and the ablution block.

Trevor Reakes
Jason Falconer

Trevor and Jason removed the damaged wooden planks and joists from the old canteen.

Dennis Sparnon and Des Alfirevich
Jason Falconer
Shire helps out by drilling holes for the new gate.
Gary Smith

Recent rains had exposed a lot of broken glass. Gary and his wife helped to remove it.

Alan, Dennis and Jason set up the new gates
Alan Meakins
Gary Smith

Public Health needed to inspect the leach drain and septic tanks so all the pipes had to be uncovered and the lids removed from the septic tanks.

It was a very productive and satisfying weekend of work. Thank you to all who participated.

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