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Corrigin Work – 9th December, 2012.

Work Party 9th December, 2012

ASDRA Inc have begun cleaning up the site at Walden Park Speedway in preparation for the restoration work.

The work party was small but effective and there was good progress made. Thank you to all who attended.

Brian Moyle cleared fridges, stoves and other rubbish from in front of the canteen and took it to the back of the pits where he has set out designated areas for metal, wood, tyres, green waste etc.

Dennis Sparnon, Alan Meakins and Keven Miles

Dennis Sparnon and Alan Meakins made a good start on getting the post holes dug for the gates.

It turned out to be a long job because of the gravel they were going through.

Keven Miles lends a hand with Mal and Doug offering comments.

Brian and Dennis pour the concrete for the posts.

Towards the end of the day there was time for Alan to sit and chat with Debbie while Des, Cameron and Dennis cleared the final few shovelfuls of earth from the top of the leachdrain that Alan had uncovered earlier.

While all this outside work had been going on, Trevor Bonnett was inside the ablution block clearing out all the rubble. He made a good job of it but disappeared before the camera could catch him.

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