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Geraldton 24th November, 2012 – Midwest Championships

Grant Woodhams, Dennis Sparnon, Jack Alfirevich, Mick Doble
Grant Woodhams, Dennis Sparnon (Second Place), Jack Alfirevich (First Place), Mick Doble (President, Geraldton City Speedway)

The results of the Midwest Championship held at Geraldton on Saturday 24th November, 2012:

1. Jack Alfirevich
2. Dennis Sparnon
3. Daniel Beamish

Geraldton City Speedway awarded trophies according to results from the transponders as above.

Below are the club points results for the same event and the ones that will appear in the papers.

Heat 1: 1. Jack Alfirevich; 2. Dennis Sparnon; 3. Jason Falconer.
Heat 2: 1. Jack Alfirevich; 2. Damian North; 3. Dennis Sparnon.
Feature Race: Cancelled due to power outage.Overall: 1. Jack Alfirevich; 2. Dennis Sparnon; 3. Damian North.

West Coast Speedcars will be racing in the Geraldton Midwest Championships on Saturday 24th November, 2012.


9 Damian North
26 Daniel Beamish
35 Jack Alfirevich
47 Trevor Reakes
64 Dennis Sparnon
73 Alan Meakins
74 Jason Falconer

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