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Morawa 3rd November, 2012 – Results

Results for West Coast Speedcars racing at Morawa 3/11/12 in a Speedcar Classic dedicated to the memory of Michael Figlomini.

Heat 1: 1. Jack Alfirevich; 2. Robbie Harvey; 3. Alan Meakins.
Heat 2: 1. Jack Alfirevich; 2. Keven Miles; 3. Trevor Reakes.
Heat 3: 1. Robbie Harvey; 2. Jack Alfirevich; 3. Jason Falconer.

Feature Race: 1. Jack Alfirevich; 2. Jason Falconer; 3. Dennis Sparnon.

Overall: 1: Jack Alfirevich; 2. Jason Falconer; 3. Robbie Harvey, 4. Alan Meakins.

Many thanks to Morawa Speedway for providing such a fantastic track for the night and to Shirley Katona of Kats Rural Hardware for the great Kincrome prizes.

L-R Alan Meakins 4th, Robbie Harvey 3rd, Jason Falconer 2nd, Jack Alfirevich 1st.

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