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Geraldton 30th & 31st March, 2013

Results for West Coast Speedcars racing over two nights at Geraldton for the Easter weekend.

Day 1
Heat 1: 1. Gary Mann; 2. Alan Meakins; 3. Daniel Beamish.
Heat 2: 1. Gary Mann; 2. Keven Miles; 3. Alan Meakins.
Heat 3: 1. Daniel Beamish; 2. Keven Miles; 3. Dennis Sparnon.
Feature: 1. Keven Miles; 2. Dennis Sparnon; 3. Gary Mann.

Day 2
Heat 1: 1. Keven Miles; 2. Alan Meakins; 3. Chris Davies.
Heat 2: 1. Keven Miles; 2. Dennis Sparnon; 3. Daniel Beamish.
Feature: 1. Keven Miles; 2. Gary Mann; 3. Chris Davies.

Over-all points for the weekend.
1. Keven Miles; 2. Dennis Sparnon; 3. Gary Mann.

A great weekend at Geraldton thanks to the wonderful team of officials and organisers.

Special thanks to Supercheap Auto, Auscavations, Hoppy’s Parts are us, Geraldton Truck Align, WBHO Civil, Midwest Telehandlers, Grant Woodhams, Rosston and Helen Vince

Thank you to all of the above. We appreciate your generosity and your interest in the sport of speedway.

This was the final points round of the summer season for West Coast Speedcars.

There will be a Winter Development Series once again starting in June. The Development Series allows for testing of new engines and gives drivers the opportunity to hone their skills and keep up their fitness for the next Summer Series Points Round.

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