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Speedway – How it Works


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Speedway – How it Works

In order to race at a speedway, certain requirements must be met.

You must –

  • Belong to a club or association
  • Drivers must hold a speedway license
  • Drivers must pass a medical fitness test administered by a doctor
  • All participants must hold personal accident and income protection insurance
  • The vehicle being raced must be registered with a body that controls the specifications of that class of vehicle.
  • All apparel and safety gear must be approved.

Under the current system you need to pay too many different associations (one to join a club, another to register your car and a third to buy a license or speedway pass that includes a basic insurance. This makes it cumbersome and unnecessarily expensive.

Why not join one association that can cater for all requirements?

Well, that may not be possible at the moment but Australian Speedway Drivers and Riders Association Incorporated (ASDRA Inc.) have taken a lot of the expense and frustration out of the equation by providing club membership, licensing and speedway pass, plus car registration, vehicle examination and inspection of apparel and safety gear all with the one association.

ASDRA Inc. do not, however, bundle personal accident and income protection insurance into the driver’s license or speedway pass. You would be required to purchase your own insurance from a recognized motorsport insurance company who can tailor the insurance to fit your circumstances. No more paying for something you don’t need or can’t use.

Basic driver insurance is only $99.00 and pit crew and officials a mere $69.00.

Membership of ASDRA Inc. –

* Driver                            $65.00

Pit Crew or Official         $35.00

Ordinary member           $30.00

Car registration                $35.00

An owner driver would therefore have membership, license and car registration covered for only $100. Add $99.00 for personal accident and income protection insurance and you are off and racing for a total of $199.00.

*Note: Driver licence is included in membership with a photo ID card provided.

ASDRA Inc. licences are recognized at all tracks that carry Public Liability Insurance arranged by BJS Motorsport Insurance or NDRA, but not the tracks under the Speedway Australia Public Liability scheme.

Cost for a driver to have a medical examination by a GP has not been included.

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