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West Coast Speedcars Challenge

West Coast Speedcars Challenge

Here are the results for the West Coast Speedcars Challenge held at Pithara on Saturday 13th October, 2012

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Robbie Harvey 1st over all.

Heat 1A: 1. Robbie Harvey; 2. Dennis Sparnon; 3. Jason Falconer.
Heat 1B: 1. Damian North; 2. Alan Meakins; 3. Daniel Beamish.
Heat 2A: 1. Robbie Harvey; 2. Dennis Sparnon.
Heat 2B: 1. Damian North; 2. Daniel Beamish; 3. Kevin Miles.
Heat 3A: 1. Dennis Sparnon; 2. Robbie Harvey; 3. Damian North.

Heat 3B: 1. Trevor Reakes; 2. Daniel Beamish; 3. Kevin Miles.

Feature Race: 1. Robbie Harvey; 2. Daniel Beamish; 3. Damian North.

Over all: 1. Robbie Harvey; 2. Damian North, 3. Daniel Beamish.

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Damian North
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Daniel Beamish

Congratulations to all the winners and commiserations to those whose cars didn’t quite make it through the night.

Some of us have some repairs to take care of before the next event.

The next racing event will be at Morawa on 3rd November, 2012 for our Speedcar Classic.

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