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West Coast Speedcars Calendar 2012 – 2013

 CALENDAR 2012-2013

4th August, 2012                            Pithara          First points round

6th October, 2012                          Morawa        Clinton Flavell Memorial

13th October, 2012                        Pithara          Speedcar Challenge

3rd November, 2012                      Morawa        Speedcar Classic

24th November, 2012                   Geraldton     Midwest Championship

15th December                               Pithara

12th January                                   Northam       (Provided work order is completed)

9th or 23rd  February                     Pithara

23rd March                                      Pithara

30th – 31st March                           Geraldton       Two day event over Easter

20th April                                         Northam       (Provided work order is completed)

 This calendar is subject to changes.

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