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Buildings Arrive at Speedway

The project to restore the Speedway at Walden Park is moving ahead with the recent delivery of a number of buildings to the site. The one pictured below is destined to become a First Aid Room at one end and an Executive Shed at the other. Smaller buildings will be used as ticket boxes and a Public Address and starter box.009_ResAll the buildings are ex mine site transportable buildings and are in need of a little Tender Loving Care to get them ready for their new functions. Much cleaning, repair and painting must be done so we would appreciate a little more help from those who would be hoping to benefit from having a speedway in Corrigin.

It was very encouraging to see Trevor Bell and Glen Sharpe helping out at the track last time.
Thanks guys. We could do with a lot more like you.

100_1059Trevor Bell

100_1058Glen Sharpe

SignThe more volunteers willing to pitch in and help out, the quicker we will be up and running a show, so don’t sit back and wait for somebody else to do something. Now is the time to get into action.

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