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Work is Progressing

Work is Progressing – June 2013

Work at Corrigin Speedway track is coming along nicely. Over the two days 6th and 7th of June, the boys from Corrigin Shire have been steadily working away at cleaning up the track edges and infield, so a big thank you to Tomo, Dave, Vern, Glen, Alan, and Pete for all their hard work with the big machinery.

The beginning of Day 1.

This tree was in the way of the truck entering and leaving the track so it was the first to go.

The track needed a little widening in turn one.

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly turned earth and eucalypt trees.

Turn One.

Day 2.

Infield early on Day 2.

Keven Miles was there to connect the water.

And there it is.

End of Day 2.

Infield at the end of Day 2.

Turn Two.

Turn One.

Time to go home.

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