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Work Party 29th – 30th June 2013

Work Party 29th & 30th June, 2013

Richard Cheeseman and Graham Usher set to work on clearing up some of the trees from around the parking area and the pits.

Every time it rains, more broken glass is brought to the surface so Julie Smith is picking it up again.

Alan brought down a load of form ply which was donated by Paul Doyle.

Dennis is using the truck to straighten out part of the damaged gate, closely watched by Bob, the dog.

Paul Doyle and Gary Smith used Paul’s truck to straighten another section of the gate.

Paul has just unloaded a few pallets of cement slabs that should come in handy. He also delivered two site toilets and set them in place. They are now ready for use. All donated by Paul.

The damaged gate.

Dennis will soon have that mended.

The stockyards needed to be dismantled. Milton and Gary are on the job.

The Hiab was put to work to lift the heavy things as Paul, Dot Greaves and Graham set about reinforcing the barriers at the gates.


John Jansen, a Corrigin resident, arrived fully equiped to help with the clean up.

He cleared the tyres from the infield in a flash and went on to tidy up a few trees and other debris.

Job well done. Thanks John.

A little more tidying up as the fire died down and then we all went home.

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