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Work Party 5th – 6th April 2014

Work Party 5th & 6th April, 2014

The work party were determined to make a difference to the general appearance of the surrounds and once again leave the site a little better than they found it.

Keeping the trees tidy and safe will be an ongoing job so more trimming has been done.

Dennis Sparnon – on the chainsaw gang.

Others on the chainsaw gang were Richard Cheeseman, Mal Miles and Doug Jones.

Gary Smith.

Kevin Miles and team arrived in the big rig to improve drainage from the infield.

This little beauty also came in handy for uprooting the railway lines used for poles around the safety barrier.

This relic from the former speedway days can be resurrected and used again. It’s upside down to make the repairs to wheels a little easier.

Dot and Milton.

Milton does a little weight lifting – keeping fit.

Gary Smith and Dot Greaves moving branches.

Mal Miles

L-R Dennis Sparnon, Julie Smith, Gary Smith, Mal Miles.

Resident Carpenter – Alan Meakins.

Alan fitted boarding to the window hatches and doors.

Far right is Doug Jones who also took a turn at the chainsaw.

Julie Smith painted the door and covers to the window hatches and husband Gary painted the door that Alan made.

Dennis and Alan secured the gate again.

Securing the gate and locking up were the last jobs for the weekend and then the rains came.

The drains that were put in the infield were tested and found to be working well. If they can handle a downpour like that they can handle anything.

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